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chapter 00 - prologue (6 pages)
chapter 01 - serendipity (27 pages)
chapter 02 - somephing strange (18 pages)


Hello everyone! I haven't discussed with the writer whether we should tell you yet so she's probably gunna kick me in the shins~ BUT I just wanted to say (so that you're not constantly kept in the dark): The entirety of VOL 1 (ch.0-5, approximately 120 pages) is ALMOST finished. We've got one chapter to go.

I know we hinted that Granted was going to be updated again at Christmas, and it's completely my fault that that didn't happen... but University is kicking my ass at the moment. BUT I think I can sincerely say that Granted WILL be up and running again by this Summer, 2011. A whole...3 years ago omg D;

No-one probably even reads this anymore...

posted by FLANBA on March 26th, 2011, 11:12 am   ||   4 comments


There was an old comic on SJ called "Granted", that had never been updated. We cursed our bad luck at not being able to have our desired name and site url, BUT NOW! NOW WE CAN! That other "Granted" has finally been deleted, so we've taken the name and changed the url of this comic to granted.smackjeeves.com (rather than flanba-granted.smackjeeves.com).

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS so as not to get confused!

posted by FLANBA on November 9th, 2010, 10:21 am   ||   3 comments